A bit about us

We are a church—not a social club, nor a political organisation, nor an entertainment center, but a church. 

Chiesa Sola Grazia is a Christ-centred, Bible-based, mission-minded church which is passionately and prayerfully committed to making much of God in all of life. 

We align all of our plans with the Word of God.
We are not asking God to bless our plans.
We are aligning with the plans He has already promised to bless. 

Everything we do at Sola Grazia Church, we do ultimately for the sake of God’s glory in all nations: 

We are intentional about penetrating various cultures with the Gospel through various means. In order to be effective in, and equipped for, cross-cultural ministry, we focus our energy here on Gospel ministry that transcends culture. At the same time, we wisely and responsibly contextualise ministry methods in view of the culture around us 

A church with this vision, values, and strategy will, we believe produce world impacting disciple-makers. 

This is how we serve the Italian church. 

While we serve the Italian church we also reach out to those who live around us and visit us who speak English. We have a full translation service available through the use of headphones so that if you speak English and not Italian you can still be part of the service.

We meet every Sunday morning for coffee at 10,15 then worship begins at 10,30.

This is a service with praise, prayer, Scripture reading, preaching and where the Lord’s Supper is observed at the close of every service. 

The Coram Deo connection

We like to think of Sola Grazia church as the first church plant from Coram Deo. Coram Deo is an organisation that plants churches, organises conferences, translates and publishes books by well-known reformed writers in Italian, has a music ministry as well as a community sports ministry. 

Go to Coram Deo’s website

Church Ministries

We have a number of different ministries going on within the church:

The Sunday School instructors teach from the Jesus Story book Bible which we have recently translated into Italian and we have a good number of happy kids. Sunday school happens during the morning service.

We have a woman’s and men’s discipleship groups that meet every three weeks and these are going well. They both meet on Sunday afternoons at 16,00. 

Porto United

Porto United is our sports ministry that meets twice a week on the playing pitches of a local Roman Catholic church in Bancole. It is for children aged 5 – 16. We seek to train the boys in basic football (soccer) skills and give them a short game together. Occasionally we play matches against other local teams. We always take a break every afternoon to talk to them about a biblical truth and to share Jesus with them.

Internship Opportunity

This is an opportunity to come to Italy and work in a small, growing church where you will be given help in developing your Christian walk as you serve the Lord in various forms of activities. You will be given a weekly study program, a reading list and the opportunity to discover and use your gifts and abilities. 

More info and application (pdf)

Partnership with HeartCry

In 2013, Paul Washer traveled to Italy to preach a series of meetings with Coram Deo and to investigate the possibility of partnering with us in Italy. After months of prayer and deliberation, HeartCry Missionary Society and Coram Deo began a partnership for the purpose of:
1) supporting biblical and evangelical churches

2) publishing sound gospel literature for the evangelization of the lost and the edification of God’s people;

3) sponsoring regional and national Bible conferences; and

4) supporting local missionaries.


Staff & Leadership

Andrea & Emanuela


A little bit of history:

Andrea is an Italian and a former Roman Catholic. He is a missionary supported by Heartcry Missionary Society (www.heartcrymissionary.com). He trained at London Theological Seminary in the early 90s. Since then he has had a passion for publishing good biblical books into Italian. In 2008 he and his wife started a church plant in his own town and the Lord is continuing to bless this ministry and believers in Sola Grazia Church.

Andrea was married to Emanuela in 1993, she is also a former Roman Catholic. Emanuela trained for 4 years at a Wycliff e Bible School for Missionaries & Translators and is also a qualifi ed nurse. She is focused on being a full time mum as they have 3 children: Lisa, Tommaso and Eva. Emanuela does the interpretation work within the church, she also loves to study and teach the ladies of the church in Bible study. She also has opportunities to teach at Woman’s conferences and meetings.


Please visit our staff page here



Andrea & Emanuela

Our new building project

Yes, we are looking to purchase a building not too far from our current location and remodel it so that we can have more adequate facilities to worship, study and evangelise. You can read all about the project on our New Building Project page.

New Building Project

Giving (from UK)

If you live in the UK you can donate through UFM (United For Mission) or by calling Jonathan Redhead at +44 (0)1793 610515

Giving (from USA)

If you want to Coram Deo Ministries and you live in USA, please go to our Entrusted Word Ministries website

By check: Make check payable to Entrusted Word Ministries. IMPORTANT: in memo field write account #4600

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